AzaMax® is an emulsifiable concentrate containing 1.2% or 12,000 ppm Azadirachtin along with over 100 potent limonoids. AzaMax® 1.2% EC is made from organic ingredients and is OMRI listed. The formulation possesses important features such as UV stability, shelf stability and greater bio-efficacy against broad spectrum of Insect-Pests including sucking and defoliating pest complex

Chemical Composition
Azadirachtin 1.2%
Other Ingredients  98.8%
Physico Chemical Properties
Colour Brown Viscous honey like Liquid
Odor Characteristic Neem Odor
pH 7.0 ± 0.02
Specific Gravity  0.98
Solubility Emulsifiable in water
Acidity <0.24%
Flash Point  >150°C
Formulation Features
  • Greater UV stability on plants for long term efficacy
  • High emulsification for better a.i. dispersion
  • Greater spreading and sticking on plant surface
  • Greater plant diffusion to be effective on sucking / substrate feeding insects
  • Low a.i. requirement / unit area
Product Superiority
  • Eco-safe inert ingredients
  • Active Ingredient (A.I.) of highest quality and purity
  • Greater bioactivity
  • Better product stability on plants
  • No unwanted impurities
  • Better shelf-life
  • Greater Mammalian safety
  • Safe to Pollinators / Honeybees
  • Safe to beneficial, soil micro-organisms and earthworms
  • Reduces surfactant usage in spray programs
Mode of Action
  • Repellent
  • Oviposition deterrent
  • Antifeedant
  • Growth Regulator
  • Ovicide
  • Fitness Reducer
  • Reproduction Suppressor

Crop Segments

Vegetables, Fruits, Home gardens, Lawns, Greenhouses, Indoors, Ornamentals, Commercial crops and Plantation crops and Forest Trees. Refer product label for list of crops.

Target Pests

Caterpillars, Beetles, Whiteflies, Flies, Aphids, Thrips, Leafminers, Mites, Mealybugs, Leafhoppers,etc. Refer product label for list of pests and usage instructions.

Application Recommendations
  • Apply as soon as pests are observed for better results
  • Apply during immature pest stages / early stages of insect growth for better control
  • Repeat spray every 7-10 days upon continued pest pressure
  • Spray followed by a chemical application in case of serious pest outbreak in conventional / non-organic crops
  • The spray can be alternated with chemicals / biological if required
  • Use the product in overall pest control program to make pests weak and make it more susceptible to insecticides
  • Use the product to prevent insecticide resistance
  • Thoroughly cover foliage or apply up to run off conditions
  • Sprays during morning or evening hours to maximise bio-efficacy
  • Use “rain fastener” in case of high rainfall areas
  • Avoid storage of spray mixtures. Mix fresh batch for every application
  • Compatibility with pesticides / fungicides should be checked before applications
  • Use “pH” correctors depending on the spray water quality
  • Use required “surfactants” where necessary
  • Good mixing is required before application
  • Use oil adjuvants to maximise biological activity on select pests
Product Use Benefits
  • Support organic crop cultivation
  • Help provide IPM / IRM solutions to non-organic crops
  • Help prevent or delay resistance in pests
  • Enhance pesticidal activity
  • Help reduce pesticide use in crops
  • Help manage pesticide residues in food crops
Pesticide Synergism
  • AzaMax® 1.2% EC exposed insects showed higher mortality when subsequently treated with insecticides
  • AzaMax® 1.2% EC predisposes insects to pesticide action thus resulting into higher mortality.
  • Increase in mortality due to AzaMax® 1.2% EC exposure has been observed across several insecticides.
  • Enhancement of pesticidal action of AzaMax® 1.2% EC would help provide integrated resistance management of pests

1 fl.oz, 4 fl.oz, 16 fl.oz, 32 fl.oz, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallons, and 6 Gallons in HDPE containers.


Store in a cool place. Avoid high temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.

Caution Statement

Hazards to Human – Causes mild skin irritation. Wash throughly with soap. Do not apply to water.