A. 1.2% Azadirachtin (A limonoid extracted from Neem seed kernel), a unique botanical insecticide, miticide, and nematicide.

A. It is a proven Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), anti-feedant, anti-oviopository, repellant, as well as a toxin to soft-bodied insect larvae. Because of its multiple modes of action, the likelihood of resistance building up and resurgence is also significantly reduced.

A) Natural, truly organic product that has proven efficacy on a broad-spectrum of destructive pests including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, caterpillars, spider mites, beetles, leafhoppers, mealybugs.

B) Perfect addition to an IPM i.e. tank-mix compatible with many commonly used pesticides for even broader spectrum control and quick knockdown in a heavy infestation.

C) Plant Safety: It can be applied safely on over 150 ornamentals, flowers, vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits, and berries plants.

D) People & Pet friendly: It is a natural product, made with organic ingredients, therefore is safe to people and pet in cases of incidental contact.

E) Environmentally Safe: Derived from a plant (neem) seed, it degrades rapidly in nature.

F) Improves Operational Efficiency: No PHI – can be applied until the time of harvest. Only 4-hour REI.

G) OMRI listed for use in organic crop production

A. Lawns, Interiorscapes, Home, Garden, Indoor/Outdoor Ornamentals, Flowers, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables, Fruit/Nut Trees, and plants grown in containers, recirculatory, aeroponic, and hydroponic systems.

A. AzaMax® has translaminar and systemic action, having to be absorbed through foliage or taken up by roots. Foliar applications tend to give faster results, when compared to drench applications. Foliar application is direct to the target pest / site, while drenching takes little longer to get absorbed by the roots and reach the target site.

A. Use commonly available garden sprayer, thoroughly covering foliage or apply up to runoff conditions.

A. Application of AzaMax® in combination with natural mineral oil, was found very effective in the management of mites. Check for compatibility. Trust local practice and grower’s experience / wisdom in selecting a tank mix partner.

A. No, it is not advisable to alter the usage rate of AzaMax®.

A. No, AzaMax® will have synergetic effect, when mixed with Microbial pesticides.

A. It is always advisable to do a separate application of nutrients and avoid mixing with AzaMax®. Maintain a gap of 1-2 days between AzaMax® and nutrient application.

A. Do not use AzaMax® with Captan, Bordeaux mixture, triphenyltin hydroxide, lime Sulphur, Rayplex iron or other highly alkaline materials, as they can cause phytotoxicity and or reduce efficacy on some target pests. Check for compatibility. Trust local practice and grower’s experience / wisdom in selecting a tank mix partner.

A. A jar test can quickly determine physical compatibility. The process of conducting jar test is given below:

STEP 1: Add one pint of water to a glass jar with a lid. (Use the same water source that will go in the tank).

STEP 2: Check spray water pH and adjust if necessary. Often, the pesticide label will give the optimal pH range for best results.

STEP 3: Add the pesticides to the jar you plan to use one at a time and shake vigorously after each addition.

STEP 4: After all products have been added, shake again, let the solution stand for 15 minutes and then shake one last time and observe the results.

Results: Jar is cool to the touch, and mixture is smooth. Then it is compatible mixture.

A. Follow the label and you will not see any adverse effect. For example: in Hydroponic or indoor application, when the infestation is high, it can be repeated at an interval of 5 days.

A. No, you can apply right up to the time of harvest. PHI – 0 days.

A. Yes, it plays an important role on the Bio-efficacy. Ideal pH is 6-6.5.

A. The Half-life of Azadirachtin in water is 10 hrs and in-plant few days. In general, AzaMax® stays for two weeks in plant tissue but it may vary on plant type and the climatic condition.

A. Yes. The AzaMax® spray mixture once prepared should be used the same day, within 12 hrs. It is advisable always to prepare fresh spray solution, just before spray.

A. 2 years when stored in a cool, dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.

A. AzaMax® should be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated place as per label guidance.

A. AzaMax® is formulated from Neemazal Technical having Azadirachtin technical of highest purity in the world around 40% and lowest impurities such as Aflatoxin less than 50 ppb. It does not have neem oil in it. Because of these 3 critical factors, AzaMax® has highest bio-efficacy. Research data has proven 20% more bio-efficacy than similar Azadirachtin based insecticides.

A. Yes, AzaMax® is safe to Honeybees and other pollinators.

A. Yes, AzaMax® is made with organic ingredients and will not harm your kids or pets. AzaMax® is Safe to Pets, Human beings, Pollinators, Parasites, Predators, Beneficial insects, Honeybees, microbial and Environment, if used according to the product label.

A. AzaMax®’s mode of action is IGR, Anti-feedant & negligible contact toxicity. Therefore AzaMax® is safe to beneficial insects.

A. AzaMax® is toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates and therefore should not be used in Aquaponics.

A. LD50 value of AzaMax® for Rainbow trout is 440 mg / L

A. We import Neemazal® (Azadirachtin) technical from India and manufacture AzaMax® here in the U.S.A.

A. We have a dedicated Supply Chain Specialist, who can work with you to meet your need on both an FOB and Delivered basis.

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